Front-end vision and multi-scale image analysis

Bart M. ter Haar Romeny, PhD

Eindhoven University of Technology
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Imaging & Informatics

Eindhoven - the Netherlands  ,

Version September 2012    homepage author
for Mathematica 7.

"Cherry Trees", by Edlef ter Haar Romeny, 1997.

Springer Verlag, Berlin. 
ISBN: 1-4020-1507-0 (paperback), 1-4020-1503-8 (hardcover).

NB: The CD in the back of the book contains the packages and notebooks designed for Mathematica 4.2.

The library of functions MathVisionTools is used as initialization of every chapter (download and install from
To determine where the files should be stored on your computer, run the following command in Mathematica:
    ? $AddOnsDirectory
Mathematica returns the name of the directory:
    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mathematica\
    Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Mathematica

In this directory, create the following directory:     Applications\FrontEndVision.
Store all Mathematica notebooks of the FEV book in this directory.

Separate chapters can be downloaded from the table below:

Title chapter

Mathematica 7
Title page notebook 12.4M pdf 5.1M
Introduction to the book notebook 4M pdf 715K
1. Apertures and the notion of scale notebook 5.6M pdf 8,9M
2. Foundations of scale-space notebook 4.5M pdf 5M
3. The Gaussian kernel notebook 1.3M pdf 1.3M
4. Gaussian derivatives notebook 1.4M pdf 3.7M
5. Multiscale derivatives: implementations notebook 13.5M pdf 2.7M
6. Differential Structure of Images notebook 50.8M pdf 10.7M
7. Natural Limits on Observations notebook 0.8M pdf 445K
8. Differentiation and Regularization notebook 350K pdf 400K
9. The Front-End Visual System - The Retina notebook 8.4M pdf 2.4M
10. A scale-space model for the retinal sampling notebook 19.3M pdf 3.8M
11. The Front-End Visual System - LGN and Cortex notebook 5.2M pdf 5.8M
12. The Front-End Visual System - Cortical Columns notebook 7.2M pdf 4M
13. Deep Structure I: Watershed segmentation notebook 0.2M pdf 1.8M
14. Deep Structure II: Catastrophe theory notebook 3.1M pdf 1.3M
15. Deep Structure III: Topological numbers notebook 9.2M pdf 4.1M
16. Deblurring Gaussian Blur notebook 3.1M pdf 601K
17. Multiscale Optic Flow notebook 4.6M (5.2) pdf 1.3M
18. Color differential structure notebook 8.7M pdf 4.2M
19. Steerable kernels notebook 882K (5.2) pdf 662K
20. Scale-time notebook 2.4M (5.2) pdf 1.8M
21. Geometry-Driven Diffusion notebook 10.8M pdf 2M
22. Epilog notebook 4K (5.2) pdf 1.9M
Appendix A. Introduction to Mathematica notebook 944K (5.2) pdf 1.2M
Appendix B. The Concept of Convolution notebook 216K (5.2) pdf 605K
Appendix C. Installing the Book notebook 3K (5.2) pdf 122K
Appendix D. First start with Mathematica- tips and tricks notebook 21M (5.2) pdf 53K
References notebook 570K pdf 355K
Index notebook 400K pdf 63K
Table of contents notebook 400K pdf 146K
Stylesheet FrontEndVision.nb notebook 47K  
All images of the book  20.3M  


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