Anna Vilanova i Bartrolí


A bit about my work

I got my PhD at the Vienna University of Technology, working at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms.
After finishing my PhD in October 2001, I moved to the Netherlands. I am currently working at the Eindhoven University of Technology, at the Department of Biomedical Engineering within theBiomedical Image Analysis group.

A bit about my hobbies

I like traveling and taking pictures:

Summer 2.008 :

Summer 2.007 :

Summer 2.005 :

Summer 2.004 :

Spring 2.004 :

Autumn 2.003 :

Spring 2.003 :

Winter 2.002 :

Autumn 2.001 :

Autumn 2.000 :

Spring 2.000 :

Autumn 1.999 :

Summer 1.999 :

Winter 1.999:

Summer 1.998:

A bit about my land

Currently I am living in Eindhoven (Holland). I come from Olot a town in the northern part of Catalonia. One of the nicest regions of the world (OK! I am not objective on that ;-) ). Here some links for this ones who want to know more about Olot, Catalunya, Catalan ...

croscat.jpg - 3820 Bytes
Croscat is a volcano near my home town (Olot)

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