Math Vision Tools

Here you can download the MathVisionTools addon as a zip file. Unpack the zip-archive and you obtain a directory called "MathVisionTools". The current version 3.2 has been released November 14th, 2010.
TU/e staff and students can download via this link directly.
All others have to obtain from us via email the address of the globally valid download site.

The "MathVisionTools" directory must be placed into your local Applications directory. Its location varies from operating system to operating system. Under Windows you can find it under C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Mathematica. On MacOSX it is located under Library/Mathematica. In any case, you can determine the location of your AddOns directory by evaluating the Mathematica system variable $AddOnsDirectory. If you lack writing permissions for that directory use your own subdirectory $UserAddOnsDirectory.

To install the HelpBrowser-documentation of MathVisionTools you have to rebuild the Mathematica Help Browser index by calling up the Mathematica Help menu and activating the Rebuild Help Index menu item. The AddOn documentation is then accessable in the Help Browser under the Add-ons catagory. There you will find an index of all MathVisionTools functions and several introductions to imaging in Mathematica. We like to point out the instruction to image conversion by Edwin Bennink!

The MathVisionTools addon contains a Data subdirectory, where one can store image or data files for easy access. Here TU/e staff and students can download 130MB of additional image files for testing MathVisionTools I/O and processing capabilities. Download via this link.

Some new DICOM functionality (later to be included in the standard MathVisionTools package). Download

Finally, you can activate MatheVisionTools by typing and executing Needs ["MathVisionTools`"] in your Mathematica session.

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