Reviews 2014 edition:


“I attended the Fourth International Summer School on Brain-inspired Computer Vision 2014, in Shenyang. This Summer School is simply great. Professor Bart M. ter Haar Romeny shared with enthusiasm his expertise in computer vision of medical imaging and gave also many hints about modeling human vision. We really had the opportunity to have a sense of the state of art in medical imaging. I also understood how computer vision scientists can help surgeons in their difficult duties. We even visited Neusoft to see how are assembled and tested medical imaging equipment, an impressive high-tech place. The Summer School was very practical with exercise sessions with Mathematica.

Many many thanks! I bought an academic Mathematica for one year. I would like to attend again next year if I have no conference at the same time. And please keep me updated about the two rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Cameras from the Imagine-Eyes French company you are going to use in your China-diabetes project.”

Bruno Galmar (University of Hong Kong, Dept. of Psychology)


“The Summer School on Biologically Inspired Computer Vision 2014 give an excellent course on computer vision. From the course we can not only learn the technique of image processing, but also learn how to do the science research especial especially the brain-vision research. Professor Bart is a great scientist, he has a deep insight in brain-vision mechanisms, so we can learn a lot about how the brain is processing the image, and then learn how to design good image processing methods+ for example the multiscale image processing technique presented by prof. Bart gave me a deep impression.

She Lihuang (Northeastern University, Shenyang, College of Information Science and Engineering)


“I had a fantastic week and really learnt a lot from your wonderful Summer School! The lectures, the labs and other activities were very well organized. Everyone was amazed by what you have done and what you are doing in your research field and in China.

Thanks for all of your hard work and congratulations to your achievements!”

Xiaoling Liu (Tsinghua University, Beijing, School of Medicine)


“It is very instructive. The students can learn a lot and our BMIE school can gain more reputation. You are a good teacher!”

Lisheng Xu (Northeastern University, BMIE)


“I spent a few days taking part in the Summer School 2014. There I met many students from all over the world. Professor ter Haar Romeny gave a superb lecture about Computer Vision, and he also introduced the software Mathematica 9 which I did not use before. What impressed me most is his speech, and I have got many from the Summer School. Thanks for the Summer School.”

Liu Jun (Northeastern University, BMIE)


“I am really grateful to Professor Bart ter Haar Romeny who provided this opportunity for us. He is a distinguished educator. Romeny's witty, unpretentious style inspired me a lot.”

Hui Ru (Wuhan University)


“I like this summer school, because I learn a lot of things. Professor Bart ter Haar Romeny‍ is a very inspired educator, and I was very lucky to be Shenyang and had this wonderful days.”

Xiangli Yang (South-Central University For Nationalities, Wuhan)


“Dear Prof. Romeny, thanks very much for giving such a meaningful Summer School during this summer in Shenyang City. I think all the participants have benefited a lot from it. Wish this Summer school become much more successful and impactful.”

Kehe Cai (Eurecom Telecom ParisTech, Paris, France)


“In the Summer School, I have got better understanding on the basic concepts of the computer vision field. And Professor Romeny's lectures have inspired me on my research. It is really an interesting and useful week for me.
PS: The dinner foods were really really delicious!” 

Hou Xiaowen (Northeastern University, BMIE)


“I like to take part in the Summer School on Biologically Inspired Computer Vision 2014 in Shenyang. For me I never had this kind of experience. By this school I study knowledge on Biologically Inspired Computer Vision. I also make friends with many students and teachers. I wish to continue to attend this Summer School next year.”

Yang Luo (Northeastern University, BMIE)


“The progress of image processing technology was more then I have thought. Images from human blood vessels and affected areas in organs were clearly corrected by sophisticated filtering methods. That's surprising. I had been feeling anxiety of taking courses in unfamiliar English at first, but, it was worthwhile to experience such opportunities to be a PhD. I have a part of project work in my research room. If these lectures will be a good help for this application, that's couldn't be better. I'm also intended to tell some members in our lab what we had learned in this Summer School.”

Ryuugo Mochizuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

"We learned a lot from the Summer School on Biologically Inspired Computer Vision 2014. The lectures were wonderful, the research work of Prof. Romeny is outstanding, and his attitude to work is dedicated."

Wei Ying (Northeastern University/College of Inf Science and Eng)