The Mathematica Education Day has passed. Subscription is closed.

Mathematica (www.wolfram.com) is a revolutionary software pakkage for numerical and symbolic calculations. It is a ‘high-level' programming language (short and compact programming) and is used extensively on universities, research institutes and the industry. Over the last 20 years Mathematica has become one of the main players with millions of users.

Up until now high schools have not been able to experience the possibilities Mathematica has to offer. We, the organizers of the 9th International Mathematica Symposium (IMS'08), want to offer high school teachers and students a head start by organizing a special Mathematica Education Day on Sunday June 22nd, 2008, in Maastricht. During the education day the extensive possibilities to support education by the use of Mathematica will be discussed and demonstrated. 

A strong selection of keynote sprekers is present on IMS 2008. On the Mathematica Education Day we will give a good insight with a number of tutorials in especially the interactive possibilities, the real ‘playing with mathematics’. The strong graphical output, the ease of programming, and the completeness of the package will surprise you.

It is now possible to make your own interactive applications for the classroom. To give more momentum to these new possibilities Wolfram Research Inc., the manufacturer of Mathematica, has made available 26 Mathematica licenses (for one year) to interested teachers of high schools in the Netherlands, for free. For the goals, the benefits, some examples and the conditions for participating in this “Education Day Challenge” see the buttons on the left.

The International Mathematica Symposium is organized already since 1995 by enthousiastic Mathematica users. We appreciate your presence at the Education Day on Sunday 22 June 2008 in Maastricht very much. This day is open to anyone interested, for a reduced fee (€ 60). You also have the option to participate in the festive congress dinner in the atmospheric caves of Geulhem on Sunday evening, and meet the many Mathematica users, teachers and developers. We expect some 150 participants at IMS 2008.


Prof. Bart ter Haar Romeny, PhD
Markus van Almsick, PhD
Bart Janssen, MSc
Margret Philips
Kim Willems

IMS'08 Organising Committee, Eindhoven University of Technology
Email: ims2008@tue.nl

Mathematica as teaching tool describes the target groups and possibilities of Mathematica in education for mathematics, physics and technical studies. Mathematica is also used in economics, architecture and art.
“Demonstrations” gives information on how to make the speciale Mathematica 'Demonstrations', in which the contributions can be made for the Mathematica Education Day. These demonstrations can be executed by the pupils without a Mathematica licence.
IMS 2008:
9th International Mathematica Symposium 2008
webpage of the 9th International Mathematica Symposium, 20-24 June 2008 in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Conditions for participation describes the conditions to participate in the Mathematica Education Day Challenge.

11 maart 2008