19-10-2013, Shenyang: Signing the Memorandum of Understanding between TU/e, BMIE and He Shi. 24-03-2014, Beijing: Signing the collaboration between CN (prof. Wei He) and NL (prof. Bart Romeny), witnessed by Dutch Minister Jet Bussemaker.

The Sino-Euro Vision & Vision Institute is a collaborative institute between the partners Eindhoven University of Technology and the Chinese partners Northeastern University and He Shi Eye Care System, both in Shenyang, China, for the prevention of blindness. Associated partners are University Eye Clinic Maastricht, i-Optics Inc., and Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy & Sleep Center in the Netherlands.

The Institute comprises three research labs:

The three programs are highly interconnected. The vision-inspired computational model generates innovative algorithms for retinal computer-aided diagnosis, for complex 3D tractography analysis, and analysis of 3D OCT vasculature; the retinal screening study generates a huge database for better statistics and algorithm validation, the clinical pathway studies aim at bringing tractography into clinical application, preventing blindness as neursurgical accident.

Opening of the Sino-Euro Vision and Brain Institute, Shenyang, China, 6 Nov 2013. From left to right: dr. Wei Zeng (Party Secretary Shenyang), prof. Wei He (President and Founder of He Shi), prof. Yan Kang (Dean BMIE NEU), prof. Bart Romeny (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands / NEU).



It was a success: 4th International Summer School on Brain-inspired Computer Vision, 20-25 July 2014, Shenyang, China. See the reviews.


Partners: The combination of dedicated ophthalmological expertise, extensive diabetes parameters population study, large-scale screening, scanning laser-camera expertise, neurosurgical expertise and biomedical optics and engineering with expertise in complex computer vision and tractography visualization makes up for a powerful consortium. 

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TU/e is partner in the Chinese Brainnetome organization: