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Biomedical Image Analysis & Interpretation
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Curriculum vitae:

Bart M. ter Haar Romeny is full professor of Biomedical Image Analysis (BMIA) at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
From 1989-2001 he was associate professor at the Image Sciences Institute of Utrecht University. He received a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology in 1978. From 1978-1979 he was Research and Development officer in the Royal Dutch Navy (honorably discharged with the rank of lieutenant). He acquired his Ph.D. from Utrecht University in 1983. He then became the principal physicist of the Utrecht University Hospital Radiology Department and (1986-1989) clinical project leader of the Dutch PACS project.

Research interests:

His interests are medical image analysis, its foundations and clinical applications. In order to understand image structure and analysis, a close look is taken to the human visual system. His interests are in particular the mathematical modeling of front-end vision, linear and non-linear scale-space theory, medical computer vision applications, computer-aided diagnosis, molecular imaging, differential geometry and visual perception. He authored and co-authored many papers, book chapters on these issues, authored an interactive tutorial book on perceptually inspired multi-scale image analysis, edited a book on non-linear diffusion theory in Computer Vision and is involved in (resp. initiated) a number of international collaborations on these subjects. He is enthusiast user of Mathematica.

Current courses, tutorials:

Previous courses, tutorials:


President of the Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, NVPHBV, 2009 - now
Member Governing Board FOM (NWO - Fundamental Research of Matter), 2010 - now
Board member Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging (IDII), 2011 - now
Member Advisory Board ICT Innovatieplatform Brain & Cognition, 2010 - now
EAMBES Fellow, 2012
Vice Dean Research of the Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School, BMIE, Shenyang, China, 2006 - now
Distinguished NEU 100-Program Professor in Biomedical Image Analysis, PR China, 2010 - now
Honorary President of He University, Shenyang, China, 2013 - now
Editorial Board of Physica Medica (European Journal of Medical Physics), 2007 - 2011
Representative of The Netherlands in IAPR's Governing Board, 2009 - now
Co-chairman SSVM 2011, 3rd Intern.Conf. on Scale-Space & Variational Methods, Ein Gedi, Israel, June 2011
Chairman TU/e Board committee 'Technology for Development' (TVO), July 2006 - now
Regent of the Dames Rooyaards Stichting, Woerden, 2010 - now
Associate editor IEEE Tr. on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 2006 - now
Reviewer for European Radiology, IJCV, JMIV, IVC, NSF, IEEE PAMI, IEEE TIP, IEEE TMI, Pattern Recognition, ALW, Dutch Heart Foundation, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vision Image and Signal Processing
Member of IEEE (Senior member), NVPHBV, ECR, VvBBMT, NVKF, NVRD, NIWI.

Past positions:

President of the Dutch Society for Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, VVB-BMT, 1998 - 2002. Member of the Board since 1996.
President of the Dutch Society of Clinical Physics, NVKF, 1990-1992, boardmember 1988-1992
Member Program Planning Committee European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Vienna, chairman CompuRad / Matrix exhibition ECR's 1999-2006.
Chairman Scale-Space '97, First International Conference on Scale-Space Theory in Computer Vision, Utrecht, July 1997.
Boardmember Scale-Space '99, Corfu, Greece, September 1999. Some pictures.
Boardmember Scale-Space 2003, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK, June 2003.
Boardmember Scale-Space 2005, Hofgeismar, Germany, June 2005.
Boardmember Scale-Space 2007, Isla di Ischia, Italy, June 2007.
Boardmember Scale-Space 2009, Voss, Norway, June 2009.
Chairman 9th International Mathematica Symposium, IMS 2008, 20-24 June 2008, Maastricht, Netherlands
Chairman Education Committee (Bachelor and 5-years educational program) of the Department BME-TUE, Apr 2008 - now.
Chairman Examination Committee (Bachelor and 5-years educational program) of the Department BME-TUE, Apr 2006 - 2011.
Editorial board of Physica Medica (European Journal of Medical Physics), Jan 2007-Jan 2010.
Member of the Commission for Biochemistry and Biophysics (CBB) of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (Oct. 2003 - 2009), NOB database.
Member FOM verkenningscommissie Gezondheid, 2007. Report.
Chairman Annual Conference of ASCI (Advanced School of Computing and Imaging), Lommel, June 1998.
Associate editor Journal of Mathematical Imaging (2006-2010).
Coordinator EC/ESPRIT - NSF collaboration on Geometry-Driven Diffusion 1992-1996.
Chairman ESPRIT/NSF Workshop on Geometry Driven Diffusion, Berlin 1993. Boardmember Workshops in Palo Alto (1994), Providence (1995), Oxford (1995), Stockholm (1996).
Chairman of the festive 25th Annual Meeting of the NVKF, the Dutch Society of Clinical Physics, 1998.
Chairman Second EuroPACS conference, Utrecht, March 1989.
Board member 8th Congress of the European Federation on Medical Physics and 30st Dutch Clinical Physicist Congress  EFOMP 2003, Evoluon Eindhoven.
Program committee member of ECCV98, ECCV99, ECCV2000, EMBEC99, CARS99, VISIM 2001, CARS 2001, CARS 2002, MICCAI99, IbPRIA 2003, MICCAI 2003, CARS 2003, BioMed 2007, CAIP 2009, IASTED 2011, CARS 2014, CAIP 2014, NCCV 2014.
Education committee member Research Schools ImagO (1999 - 2001), ASCI (1996 - 2008), Helmholtz (1996 - 1998).


Book: "Front-End Vision & Multi-Scale Image Analysis", Springer. 484 pp. August 2004.
Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-1503-8. Paperback, ISBN 1-4020-1507-0. Table of contents (PDF).

This book contains all chapters as Mathematica notebook files on an enclosed CD-ROM.

Publications: click here for all publications and the invited lectures.

Supervisor PhD theses:

  1. Luc M. Florack (1989-1993, cum laude): "The Syntactical Structure of Scalar Images"
  2. Wiro J. Niessen (1993-1997, cum laude): "Multi-Scale Medical Image Analysis"
  3. Alfons Salden (1992-1996): "Dynamic Scale-Space Theories"
  4. Bram van Ginneken (1996-2000, cum laude): "X-thorax Analysis for TBC screening"
  5. Remco Duits (2001-2005, cum laude): "Perceptual Grouping"
  6. Markus van Almsick (2001-2006): "Context Models of Lines and Contours"
  7. Frans Kanters (2002-2006): "Towards Object Based Image Editing"
  8. Bram Platel (2003-2007): "Toppoints in the deep structure"
  9. Evgeniya Balmachnova (2003-2007): "Scale-Euclidean Invariant Object Retrieval"
  10. Henri Bouma (2001-2006): "Automated Detection of Pulmonary Emboli"
  11. Tim Peeters (2004-2008): "GPU-based Visualization Techniques for the Interactive Exploration of Diffusion MRI Data"
  12. Erik Franken (2004-2008, cum laude): "Enhancement of Crossing Elongated Structures"
  13. Bart Janssen (2005-1009): "). "Representation and manipulation of images based on linear functionals"
  14. Neda Sepasian (2006-2010): "Visualization of Global Tensor Information for Diffusion Tensor Imaging"
  15. Vesna Prckovska (2006-2010): "High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging - Processing & Visualization"
  16. Paulo Rodrigues (2006-2010): ""Visualization of global tensor information for diffusion tensor imaging"
  17. Gert Schoonenberg (2006-2010): "3D cardiac imaging and computer assistance for cardiovascular interventions"
  18. Danny Ruijters (2006-2010): "Multi-modal Image Fusion during Minimally Invasive Treatment"
  19. Alessandro Becciu (2006-2010): "Feature based estimation of myocardial motion on tagged MR images"
  20. Marieke Heisen (2006-2010): "Understanding quantitative DCE-MRI of the breast: Towards meaningful clinical application"
  21. Ellen Brunenberg (2007-2011): "Finding the STN for DBS using diffusion-weighted MRI" (TopTalent)
  22. Ralph Brecheisen (2007-2011): "Advanced Visualization for Neurosurgery"
  23. Roy van Pelt (2008-2012): "4D Flow Visualization"
  24. Birgit Plantinga (2012-2016): "Deep Brain Stimulation"
  25. Erik Bekkers (2012-2016): "Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Retinal Screening"
  26. Jiong Zhang (2012-2016): "Enhancement of vascular patterns in retinal images"
  27. Mengmeng Tong (2012-2016): "Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy"
  28. Samaneh Abbasi (2014-2018): "Retinal Screening with Sub-Riemannian Image Analysis"
  29. Fan Huang (2014-2018): "Multi-feature classification in screening for diabetic retinopathy"

PhD committees (external):


Mingun Paya, Mandalay, Central Myanmar, January 2006