Image Analysis with Mathematica

Mathematica is a comprehensive computer algebra system for symbolic and numeric modeling. Furthermore, it is a complete high-level programming language with a broad range of graphic routines built-in. It is used as a rapid prototyping environment in the Biomedical Image Analysis group.

Install Mathematica Version 5, 6, or 7

The TU/e has one of the largest campus licence for Mathematica in the Netherlands. Students and faculty have the permission to install Mathematica on their campus-owned computers. Faculty members may also install a copy on their personal machines.

On the TU/e local area network or when connected via a Virtual Private Network (for details see the Dutch and English VPN manual pages), you can download and install the Windows versions of Mathematica following the instructions in Dutch or English edited by our software coordinater Dr. Ad de Jong. We provide more information for other plattforms in the tutorial section.

For those of you who do not have access to a copy of Matheamtica, feel free to download and explore the trail version of Mathematica. It is avaiblable for most platforms on the website of Wolfram Research Inc..

Mathematica Kernel Server

The Biomedical Image Analysis group runs a remote kernel server on a computing cluster that can be accessed through a Mathematica Front End. Students with insufficient hardware power can use this remote kernel server by following these installation instructions.

Getting Started with Mathematica

The following links are good starting points to learn about Mathematica.

You can find further installation instructions and beginner tutorials by following the Tutorials menu to the left.

Mathematica Extensions

Mathematica packages are expansion kits that add functions, procedures, and online help to Mathematica's core knowledge base of about 2000 commands. An integrated collection of Mathematica packages and documentation files is called an "AddOn". Follow the AddOns menu to the left for more detailed information.

Math Link

In addition to packages and AddOns Mathematica has a broad communication interface to connect to other programs, programming languages, and to other copies of Mathematica running in parallel. One can also feed an interactive website with a webMathematica engine.

Mathematica Documentation

Plenty of introductory material, installation manuals, and tutorials about programming are stored on our Mathematica tutorial site, which can be reached via the menu to the left.

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